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Google Classroom

Many teachers in all grades use Google Classroom. You can use Classroom on any internet-connected device. Google has free apps that you can install on your mobile device. If you want to add these apps to your device, you will need Google Drive, Google Classroom and Google Docs. Depending on the teacher, you may also need Google Slides and Google Forms. Your device should prompt you if an app is needed. On a computer, you can work in your browser.

Important: You must log in to the student's official YISD Google account. It will not work to use a personal account or set up an account on your own using the YISD usename.

  1. In a web browser (Chrome is best if you have it), go to (If you click the link, it will open in a new window.)
  2. Enter your Google username. This is in the form of the student's YISD username followed by
    For example John Gomez' YISD username is johng. He would enter
  3. If you are given a choice between Orgainzational G Suite Account and Institutional Google Account, pick Organizational. (This probably won't happen.)
  4. Enter your Google password.
    1. For students in grades 3 - 8, this is their YISD (or AR) password, typed twice. For example, if johng's password is fun32, he would enter fun32fun32.
    2. High School students just type their password once.
    3. For students in grades EE - 2, type the password three times.  For example, if johng's password is jg2, he would enter jg2jg2jg2.
  5. Click Sign In.
  6. Use the Google App Launcher (upper right) to navigate to the app you want to use.

To join a class in Classroom, you will need a code. Please click the appropriate link. In some cases, your child may already have joined the classrooms or have been manually added by the teacher.

  1. After logging into Google Accounts and choosing Classroom in the App Launcher, click the + at the upper right and choose Join Class.
  2. Enter the class code and click Join.

 It's very important to save your assignments before you turn them in. If you don't, your work may be lost.

YHS Google Classroom Codes