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Teacher Responsibilities

G/T Teacher Responsibilities

Yoakum ISD
G/T Teacher Responsibilities

Yoakum ISD G/T Teacher Responsibilities
Beginning of Year Ongoing End-of-Year
□ If this is your first year to provide Gifted/Talented services, make sure you have secured the 30 hours of G/T foundational required professional development. If this is not possible prior to the school year beginning, it must be obtained before the end of the first semester. Maintain copies of professional development records as proof of training. □ Differentiate for identified students on a regular basis through incorporating Depth and Complexity, as well as advanced products and performances. Other means of differentiation can be offered at your discretion based on student needs. Grades should always be based on grade-level TEKS. □ Assist district G/T Coordinator and campus administrator in administering and collecting surveys over G/T services from teachers, students, and parents.
□ Obtain a current list of identified Gifted/Talented students. □ Maintain documentation of services forms and submit to your campus administrator at the end of each semester. □ Submit 2nd semester documentation of services form to your campus administrator.
□ Obtain a copy of local G/T policy and procedures. Familiarize yourself with district and state requirements. □ Make sure you have received 6-hours of G/T update professional development credit each year you provide Gifted/Talented services and maintain copy of certificate for proof.  
□ Secure Documentation of G/T Services forms from your campus administrator. You should maintain one form for each identified G/T student and will turn these in each semester to your campus principal.    
□ Coordinate with your campus administrator to establish a means of informing parents how students will receive services (meeting, letter, website, etc.).    
□ If parents of identified students request copies of local Gifted/Talented policy and/or procedures secure copies from your campus administrator.