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Permission to Assess

Permission to Assess

Yoakum ISD
Permission to Assess for G/T Services

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your child, __________________________________________, has ben referred for testing to see if he/she would benefit from Gifted and Talented Services by Yoakum ISD. After the student is tested, the Gifted/Talented Committee will evaluate all information and determine what is best for your child based on their assessment data. You will receive written notification of the decision made by the committee soon after.

Please return this form to your child's teacher by __________ if you would like the school to assess your child. Thank you for your cooperation.


Lezlie Mitchell
G/T Co-Ordinator

(Please complete and return the portion below)

Child's Name: _____________________________________________________     Grade: _____________

Teacher:  _________________________________________________

_____ Yes, I do wish to have my child tested at this time.

_____ No, I do not wish to have my child tested at this time.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________________________