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Campus Administrator Responsibilities

Campus Administrator's G/T Responsibilities

Yoakum ISD
Campus Administrator's G/T Responsibilities

  • August/September

    • New campus faculty members providing Gifted/Talented services have secured the 30 hours of G/T foundational required professional development. If this is not possible before the school year begins

    • To the extent possible, cluster G/T students in the same class sections.
    • Campus G/T teachers are provided with an updated list of identified Gifted/Talented students.
    • Campus G/T teachers are provided with copy of local G/T policy and procedures
    • Documentation of G/T Services forms and progress report forms are disseminated to G/T teachers.
    • Check with PEIMS coding coordinator to confirm correct coding of newly identified students.
    • Establish means of informing parents how students will receive services (meeting, letter, website).
    • Maintain several copies of local Gifted/Talented policy and procedures are available to G/T parents upon request
  • October

    • Make available referral forms for parents and community members who wish to nominate a student for testing. Notice should be available in English as well as Spanish.
    • Be sure Campus/ G/T Committee members have Nature and Needs for the Gifted Training.
  • November

    • Assessment for G/T begins
  • December

    • Meet with District G/T Selection/Placement committee
    • Ensure:
      • Second week of December letter go out to parents
      • Original Letter and G/T Assessment profile put in Permanent folders
      • Copies of above put in G/T folder
      • Copy of service not appropriate at this time letters put in G/T file, original in permanent folders
  • January

    • Update Campus G/T List and Disseminate to counselor and teachers
    • Collect forms documenting G/T services from G/T teachers at the end of the first semester.
  • May

    • Collect forms documenting G/T services from G/T teachers at the end of the second semester.
    • Campus Improvement Plans should contain at least one indicator for improvement of G/T services each year based on campus survey data.
    • Assist district G/T Coordinator in administering and collecting surveys over G/T services from teachers, students, and parents.
    • If identified students are moving to another campus, collect students’ G/T file and send to new campus.