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School Parent Compact - Yoakum Annex EE - KG

Yoakum I.S.D School/Parent Compact

Yoakum Annex

I understand that the school, parents/guardians, and students share responsibility for improved student achievement. I am willing to develop a partnership with the school to help _____________________ (child's name) achieve the state's performance standards (STAAR).

The school's responsibilities are:

  • To provide high quality curriculum in a supportive and effective environment that enables the children served to meet State's student performance standards.
  • To discuss with parents their responsibilities for supporting improved achievement.
  • To inform parents and students of the purpose and meaning of content standards, student performance standards, and the instruction the school will provide to enable students to achieve the standards.
  • To arrange Parent-Teacher conferences as needed or requested.
  • To provide frequent reports on his/her progress.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to volunteer and/or observe in the classroom.

School Representative's Signature: ________________________________    Date:  _______________

The parents'/guardians' responsibilities are:

  • To ensure that their child attends school regularly.
  • To ensure that their child does his/her homework.
  • To limit the amount of TV watched by their child.
  • To volunteer in their child's classroom.
  • To participate in decisions relating to the education of the child.
  • To encourage positive use of their child's spare time.
  • To attend Parent-Teacher conferences.

Parents'/Guardians' Signature: ____________________________________    Date:  _______________  

The student's responsibilities are:

  • To return their homework completed.
  • To follow the school rules.
  • To follow the classroom rules.
  • To respect other people and the community.

Student's Signature: ____________________________________________    Date:  _______________