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Family Engagement Plan - Yoakum Intermediate 3 - 5

Yoakum Intermediate School Family Engagement Plan

Yoakum Intermediate School and the membership of the Family Engagement Program seek to chart a course that will advance the partnership between home and school for improving the education of children participating in the Title I Program. In this partnership, we will provide support services to parents and encourage them to provide the school with input into the planning, design, and implementation of our Title I Programs as well as other programs provided by the district.

To assure the success of our Family Engagement Program, the following policy will be implemented by our school and will serve as goals and objectives.

Yoakum Intermediate Family Engagement Program

Yoakum Intermediate School will strive to implement the following statutory requirements by:

  1. Informing parents and having parents acknowledge reasons their child is in the program, instructional objectives, and methods used.
  2. Training parents to work with their child at home; holding one parent training night in the fall and spring semesters.
  3. Informing parents and teachers on how to effectively form home/school partnerships.
  4. Training school staff at the beginning of the year to work effectively with parents.
  5. Inviting all parents to an annual district meeting to explain programs and activities provided.
  6. Providing parents with timely information about their child’s progress.
  7. Providing opportunities for regular meetings to develop program input.
  8. Making parents aware of the parental involvement requirements.
  9. Providing information, programs, and activities in a language the parents understand.
  10. Ensuring opportunities, to the extent practicable, for participation of parents lacking literacy skills, or whose native language is not English.
  11. Annually assessing, through parent consultations, the effectiveness of the parent involvement program to determine what action needs to be taken to improve the policy and program.