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Family Engagement Plan - Yoakum Annex EE - KG

Yoakum Annex Family Engagement Plan

Yoakum Annex believes that the education of students should involve collaboration of the total school community. The comprehensive involvement of all parents contributes positively to this school community and to the success for their own children. A program of family engagement activities shall be ongoing and shall be reviewed at least annually by parents to ensure their involvement in the planning and implementation of the program at Yoakum Annex.

We are dedicated to providing quality education for every student. Our goal is to establish partnerships with parents and with the community. Each student will benefit from supportive, active involvement when the school, home, and community work together to promote high achievement for our students.

Our school receives funding from the federal government for special programs and services under Title I that is a part of the Title I, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015. Title I services are for eligible students who need extra academic help, regardless of their economic background. In Yoakum ISD we combine the Title I funds with other federal, state, and local money to upgrade the entire program of our school to help us better meet all students’ academic needs.

In order to provide an effective home-school-community partnership, Yoakum Annex will provide the following.

  • An annual orientation meeting where parents and students can meet their teacher and be reassured of their right and responsibility to be involved with their child’s education.
  • A flexible number of meetings and activities throughout the year to assist parents in understanding academic content and achievement standards, as well as local academic assessments.
  • Scheduled parent conferences where the progress of the student will be discussed as well as the expectations for the grade level, curriculum, test info and any other concerns that the teacher or parent may have.
  • A school-parent compact designed by parents and school staff that outlines how parents, school staff, and students share the responsibility for improving learning.
  • A parent liaison that will assist parents with any situational need or communication concern.
  • A varied schedule for meetings and conferences in order to accommodate the needs of parents.
  • Continuous communication to assist the parents in understanding the school curriculum and student achievement through news and notes: Report cards, “Early Years”, and “Home and School Connection” pamphlets, newsletters, e-mails, phone calls, parent portal, and home visits.
  • A survey will be given annually to all parents to collect opinions and concerns about current programs or suggestions for improvement.
  • Provide parenting sessions with a variety of information for parents.
  • Community/Business supported reading assistance program

Every effort will be made to communicate with parents in a format and language that is free of educational jargon and easily understood by all. Parents and community members are always welcome at Yoakum Annex.