• Anytime you are not at school, if you need emergency mental health support, tell a trusted adult near you and call 911, your local hospital emergency department, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at: 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text "HOME" to 741741.

    Gulf Bend Center:

    24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (877) SAFEGBC or (877) 723-3422

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    Counselor's Corner
    Yoakum Junior High Counselor
    Katie Stary 
    Email address: kmstary@yoakumisd.net
    Phone number: 361-293-3111
    Best time to call: 7:45 AM - 3:45 PM
    At Yoakum I.S.D. since 2016



     University of Houston-Victoria 

    Victoria, TX 

    Capella University

    Minneapolis, MN



    Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies EC - 6th



    Certified Teacher


    Extra Curricular

    Campus Improvement Planning Team

    504 Coordinator

    CampusTesting Coordinator

    YJH Counselor

    School Counselor Vision Statement

    The School Counselor at Yoakum Junior High envisions a future where ALL students are successful in the pursuit of intellectually, socially, and emotionally fulfilling lives. Students at YJH are leaders who are equipped with growth mindsets as well as the skills and compassion to take ownership of their individual growth and the needs within their community.

      When students are in-person at school:


     If a student would like to see the school counselor, he/she should ask his/her teacher for permission and instructions. Unless the student has an urgent need to see a counselor, the teacher may recommend a specific time for the student to leave class, so that the student does not miss important academic information.  Additionally, a student is welcome to see the school counselor between classes during transition.

     If the counselor is not available, the student may write his/her name in the counselor’s appointment book, which is located in the front office next to the secretary, as a request for the counselor to send for him/her when possible.


     Parents and guardians are welcome to meet with the school counselor and are asked to make appointments in advance, to ensure that the counselor will be available.  You may call or email the school counselor to set-up a meeting.


     Academic/Educational Counseling – Students sometimes have academic problems in areas including study habits, expectations, time management, organizational skills, and the level of the curriculum. A counselor may assist students in exploring solutions to these and other academic problems.

     Personal/Social Counseling – A counselor may assist students to develop skills to interact more effectively with others, identify personal values, talents and interests and transition into and out of middle school. The counselor will also provide support and assistance to students and families in crisis, and can provide referrals to outside agencies for more extensive assistance, including counseling, evaluations or treatment.

     Career/Vocational Counseling – A middle school counselor may assist students in the early stages of career exploration.



    "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela


    "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -  Maya Angelou



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