Welcome Students to Yoakum Intermediate for the 2020 - 2021 School Year

  • Hi I’m Mrs. Hull the reading specialist.  We are excited to start school this year and look forward to meeting you.

    ​Good morning, I am Mrs. Garcia 3rd grade Math Specialist. We are so excited that you will be here on Wednesday ready to learn and have fun with us. 

    Hi, I'm Mrs. Jimenez.  I teach reading and math.  We are looking forward to seeing each one of you at 8:00 on Wednesday with your mask and smile. 

    Don’t forget your mask!

    Hi I’m Mindy Hinds and I teach 3rd grade reading.  There are 2 school supplies we would like to add to your list for Wednesday.  Students will need to bring a school box or pencil bag and a 1 inch binder with them on the first day of school.

     Hi I’m Mrs. Rempe and I teach 3rd grade math and science and I’m Mrs. Hinds partner.  I want to talk to you about transportation.  Make sure you are aware of how you will get home on Wednesday and the office has record of your normal transportation.  If you will be going home another way, we must have a note otherwise we will send your child home the normal way for safety reasons.

    Don’t forget your mask!


    Greetings!  We are looking forward to meeting our new 3rd Graders! 

    My name is Mrs. Mikes and I teach Math, Science, and Social Studies.  I want to mention some important things about face masks.  All students will be required to wear face masks.  Face masks may be colorful or patterned, but they may not have any inappropriate wording or inappropriate pictures or anything political.  Students are expected to wear face masks on the bus and upon getting dropped off at the car line in the mornings and throughout the school day.  Of course, they will be allowed to take them off during lunch in the cafeteria and at outdoor recess.  Face masks should be labeled with the student's name, and students will take their mask home every day and wear it back to school the next day.  So. . . Happy Face Masking!

    Hi.  I’m Mrs. Garrett and I teach Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

    Parents, your child will need to bring necessary supplies to school.  In addition to the pencil box/pouch and 3 ring binder you can find the supply list on the Yoakum website which is:  yoakumisd.net.  On the right hand side of the page you will see “School Supply Lists”.  Click on that and under the student section you will see the supply list for Yoakum Intermediate.  Go to the 3rd grade list.  Please label your supplies with your child’s name.  You may drop the supplies off at the office-please tell the office your child’s homeroom teacher-or you may send the supplies in on the first day of school.  If you are sending the supplies in on the first day, remember you may not walk into the building with your child.  Just know that we will take very good care of them.  Here’s to great 3rd grade year.  And remember to wear your mask!


    Hello, I'm Ms. Coppola.  I teach math, science and social studies.  I'm here to talk to you about water bottles. We encourage you to bring a clear water bottle.  Notice, you can tell inside the Gatorade bottle is water.  In this bottle, you could also tell there is water if I had some in there.  The lids shut tight so they don't spill.  This Yeti is so amazing and cool for our extended spring break or summer, yet not cool for school.  I can't tell what's inside the bottle  and it will spill.  Please leave your Yetis at home.  Water fountains will be open and the kids can use them, but we encourage them to bring their own water bottles so that they are not sharing germs or standing in line at the water fountain.

    I'm Mrs. Mitchell. I am Ms. Coppola's partner and I teach Reading. 

    Everyone please screen your child for Covid symptoms, before sending them to school each day. 

    Screen for fever, loss of taste or smell, cough, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, headache, chills, sore throat, shaking or shivering, muscle pain or aches, or diarrhea. 


    Bye!  See you Wednesday!!