Congratulations to students in Mrs. Bressler's Art 2 & 3 classes who submitted their artwork to the 2021 San Antonio Western Art Contest!!! 

    Students who recieved award recognition: Out of 417 total artworks submitted....

    ***Top 25 Finalist***

    "It's a Way of Life"-Sophie J, 12th grade 

    **2nd Place Ribbons**

    "Steppling Into the Weekend"-Citlally P, 12th grade (2nd slide)

    "Peek-a-boo"-Samira P, 12th grade (3rd slide)

    *3rd Place Ribbons*

    "Season of Reese's"-Gabriella G, 11th grade (4th slide)

    "Last Call"-Kalei G, 12th grade (5th slide)

    --Slide show of all YHS student artworks submitted below--





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