7th Grade Girls:  District Co-Champions 

    8th Grade Girls:  3rd Place in District


    Cross Country


    CONGRATULATIONS to the Yoakum Junior High 8th Grade

    Bullpups and Lady Bullpups. 



    Armando Salinas:  District Champ

    Augustine Barbontin:  5th Place

    Austin Novosad:  9th Place

    Xavier Garza:  10th Place

    Blake Reed:  13th Place

    Isaiah Diebel:  15th Place


    Gisela Martinez:  District Champ

    Angela Delgado:  3rd Place

    Serenity Suarez:  5th Place

    Adamary Lopez:  9th Place

    Sierra Rivera:  10th Place

    Sienna Rivera:  11th Place

    Stephanie Pecina:  13th Place


    7th Graders Lady Bullpups

     Addison Ferry:  12th Place

    Abbie Galvan:  13th Place

     Alex Betancud:  14th Place