• ATHLETIC PHYSICALS for 2019 - 2020 will be the following:

    April 29th - Boys

    May 2nd - Girls


    We will bus the Junior High over to Yoakum Family Practice at 1:20 P.M.  After the Jr High is complete we will bus them back to the Jr. High to be picked up by their parents.  The High school will start being bused over to the clinic at about 2:45 P.M.  When they are done we will bus them back to the school. 

    All UIL Packets will have to be completed before they can get on the bus to go over to the clinic.  If you have any questions please contact Coach K at 361-293-3036 or 361-293-3111.  

    UIL Packets will be handed out to the students the week we come back from Spring Break.




    Dear Parent Guardian,

    Yoakum ISD Athletics has recently partnered Rank One Sport to manage our athletic schedules. By entering our athletic schedules in Rank One Sport we will be able to consistently provide the most up to date schedules as well as provide you with updates to the schedules when changes are made.

    Viewing Schedules and Rosters 


    Signing up for Schedule Updates:  At the bottom of every schedule is a field where you can enter your email address. Click “Subscribe” and from that point forward if any details on the schedule change or if the results are updated, you will receive an email with the details.

    At District:                                                                       At Regionals:                                                       At State:
    District Champion:  Korina Anzualda                       5th Place:  Korina Anzualda                              31st Place:  Korina Anzualda
    3rd Place: Brooklin Berger                                          9th Place:  Bailey Petras                                    37th Place:  Bailey Petras
    4th Place: Bailey Petras                                               14th Place:  Kailee Knezek                                58th Place:  Kailee Knezek
    5th Place: April Novosad                                              21st Place:  Brooklin Berger                              70th Place:  Brooklin Berger
    6th Place:  Jayla Morris                                                 24th Place:  April Novosad                                75th Place:  April Novosad  
    10th Place:  Kailee Knezek                                          33rd Place:  Jayla Morris                                    84th Place:  Jayla Morris
                                                                                                    57th Place:  Kylah Fishbeck                             137th Place:  Kylah Fishbeck
    TGCA All-State:  Korina Anzualda, Brooklin Berger, Kailee Knezek and Bailey Petras
    TGCA Academic All-State:  Jayla Morris
     CCCAT All-Region:  Korina Anzualda and Bailey Petras
    CCCAT All-State:  Korina Anzualda and Bailey Petras
    CCCAT Academic All-State:  Jayla Morris
    CONGRATULATIONS to the YOAKUM JV LADY BULLDOGS CROSS COUNTRY as they took 2nd Place at District!!
    6th Place:  Rilynn Izard
    7th Place:  Alexis Novosad
    8th Place:  Jenna McKee
    16th Place:  Mary Ardolino
    17th Place:  Clara Cooper
    18th Place:  Gabby Moreno
    20th Place:  Alicia Moreno
    Varsity Bulldog Cross Country
    11th Place:  David Oviedo
    18th Place:  Payton Quinney
    27th Place:  Andres Albarado
    29th Place:  Brandon Smith
    34th Place:  Ryan Brewer
    36th Place:  Jammie Molina
                                                   Varsity Volleyball:  4th in District
    Co-Defensive Player of the Year:  Ashley Taylor
    1st Team All-District                                             2nd Team All-District                                        Honorable Mention 
    Kylie Quinney                                                             Jayla Morris                                                              McKenzie Villareal
    Haley Pierman                                                           Joanna Moreno                                                       Noelia Diaz
                                                                                                                                                                                     Masann Rice
                                                                                                                                                                                     Alex Henkes
                                                                                                                                                                                     Kylah Fishbeck
                                                                                                                                                                                     Triniti Moore
    Academic All-District:  Kylie Quinney, Haley Pierman, Jayla Morris, Ashley Taylor, McKenzie Villareal, Noelia Diaz, Masann Rice, Alex Henkes, Kylah Fishbeck, Triniti Moore, Joanna Moreno
    Texas Girls Coaches Association Academic All-State:  Joanna Moreno, Jayla Morris, Haley Pierman, McKenzie Villareal
    Victoria Advocate All-Area Team
                                       Second Team:  Jr. Ashley Taylor Middle Blocker                 151 Kills, 97 digs, 151 Blocks, 10 Assits
                                       Honorable Mention:  Joanna Moreno, Jayla Morris, Haley Pierman, Kylie Quinney
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Football               Football 2

    14-3A All-District

    Offensive MVP:  Hagen Garvin
                   OFFENSE                                                                                                                     DEFENSE
    1st Team Running Back:  Montreal Jones                                                                       1st Team Linebacker:  Darian Harper
    1st Team Receiver:  Ty Love                                                                                                   1st Team Lineman:  Bryce Byars
    1st Team Lineman:  Connor Brandt                                                                                   1st Team Lineman:  Trey Smith
    1st Team Lineman:  Joey Dominguez                                                                               1st Team Secondary:  Mayson Arkadie
    2nd Team Running Back:  Jorge Trujillo                                                                           2nd Team Linebacker:  Jaydon Rocha
    2nd Team Lineman:  Connor Schomburg                                                                         2nd Team Linebacker:  DeAndre Enoch
    2nd Team Lineman:  Eric Ratley                                                                                           2nd Team Lineman:  Kaleb Friedel
    2nd Team Lineman:  Miguel Garcia                                                                                     2nd Team Secondary:  Holden Lauer
    Tri-District Champions
    Bi-District Champions
    Area Champions
    THSCA Academic All State Honorable Mention:  Conner Brandt, Ryan Brewer, Caden Byrnes, Joey Dominguez,
    Hagen Garvin, Holden Lauer, Jadon Rocha, Jorge Trujillo
     Victoria Advocate All Area
    Lineman of the Year:  Conner Brandt
    2nd Team Offense Lineman:  Joey Dominguez
    2nd Team Offense Quarterback:  Hagen Garvin
     2nd Team Defense Lineman:  Trey Smith
    2nd Team Defense Secondary:  Mayson Arkadie
    Honorable Mention:  Ty Love and Darian Harper


    "Failing to plan, is planning to fail."