• The new state assessment STAAR was given for the first time during the 2011-2012 school  year.  Our teachers and students worked extremely hard to prepare for the rigors of the new test.  Yoakum ISD feels that it is important for parents and students to be informed about the testing and dates. These dates are subject to change by the state.
    Intermediate Testing Dates                                Jr. High Testing Dates
    April 2 Grade 4 Writing (Day 1)      April 2Grade 7 Writing (Day 1)
     Grade 5 Math    Grade 8 Math
    April 3Grade 4 Writing (Day 2)April 3Grade 7 Writing (Day 2)
     Grade 5 Reading Grade 8 Reading
    April 23Grades 3 & 4 MathApril 23Grades 6 & 7 Math
    April 24Grades 3 & 4 ReadingApril 24Grades 6 & 7 Reading
     Grade 5 Science Grade 8 Science
     April 25Grade 8 Social Studies
    May 14Grade 5 Math (retest)May 14Grade 8 Math (retest)
    May 15Grade 5 Reading (retest)May 15Grade 8 Reading (retest)
     *Retesting will be given again  June 25 & 26 
    High School Testing Dates
           Please note that STAAR EOC and TAKS are given at the high school level
    October 22    TAKS ELA retest
    October 23    TAKS Math retest
    October 24   TAKS Science retest
    October 25    TAKS Social Studies retest
    December 3  Eng I STAAR Writing Retest
    December 4  Eng I STAAR Reading Retest 
    December 5-14 Biology, W. Geography, Algebra I
    March 4  TAKS ELA EXIT and ELA retest
    March 5-7 TAKS EXIT retest Math, Science, Social Studies
    April 1  Eng I Writing STAAR
    April 2  Eng I Reading STAAR
    April 3  Eng II Writing STAAR
    April 4  Eng II Reading STAAR
    April 22  Exit ELA TAKS retest
    April 23  Exit Math TAKS retest
    April 24  Exit Science TAKS retest
    April 25  Exit Social Studies TAKS retest
    May 6-17  STAAR testing for Algebra I, Biology, W. Geography, Chemistry, Geometry, World History, Algebra II, Physics and United States History
    All retesting will be during July 8-July 19, 2013.
Last Modified on January 6, 2015