• School Campus Rules
    1.   Obey all adults
    2.   Walk orderly and quietly in hallways.
    3.   Respect other people and school properly.
    4.   Use restroom facilities properly.
          (No playing around in the restroom.)
    5.   Leave all personal toys and playthings at home.
    6.   No profane language, rude gestures, or cruel teasing.
    Playground Rules
    1.  Use playground equipment properly
    2.  Play in designated areas.
         run and play safely.
    4.  Do not pick up or throw rocks, sticks, dirt, etc.
    5.  Freeze IMMEDIATELY when the whistle is blown.
    6.  Walk to and stand quietly in line.
    Cafeteria Rules
    1.  Talk softly to only those around you.
    2.  Wait in line with hands and feet to self.
    3.  Use good table manners.
    4.  No kicking others under the table.
    5.  No playing with, sharing, or throwing food.
    6.  Pick up your trash in your eating area.
    1.   Listen to directions and follow directions
    2.   Stop talking when the teacher is talking
    3.   Keep all 4 legs of the chair on the floor.
    4.   Walk; No running, hopping, skipping, chasing or jumping
    5.   Talk quietly during green light time.
    6.   Take care of all supplies/materials.
    7.   Always tell the truth.
    8.   Do your very best work at all times and do your own work.
    9.   Stay on task and use your time wisely.
    10.  Complete and turn in homework on time.