• School Supply List 2016-2017
    2   8oz. Elmer's glue
    6   Large "Glue Stic" (white/clear preferred
    2   12pack WOODEN #2 wooden pencils ("Papermate"brand)
         (Please sharpen pencils at home.)
    3   boxes Crayons (Crayola brand 24 count)
    1   pkg. of 4 EXPO Dry Erase Markers, (Blk only, Broad Tip)
    1   box Markers (Crayola Brand, Basic colors, Broad Tip)
    1   pair scissors (pointed, Fiskars brand)
    3   pink erasers
    1   pair of Head Phone
    1   Composition notebook (9 3/4" X7 1/2")s
    1   Spiral Notebook (70 sheets, Wide Rule)
    1   School Supply box (plastic, cigar box size)
    1   qt. size Zip-loc bags
    1   gal. size Zip-loc bags
    3   Large boxes Kleenex
    1   backpack
    1   Pencil Pouch w/zipper (needs to have "metal holes" for binder)
    1   2" size 3 ring binder (solid color)
    2   2-pocket PLASTIC (only) folders w/brads (any color)
    2   2-pocket PLASTIC (only) folders W/OUT brads (any color)
    1   pump bottle liquid antibacterial hand soap 
    1   pump bottle Germ-x hand sanitizer 
    ***School Supplies are expensive & we try to help parents from spending money unnecessarily.
     Plastic folders last longer & the name brands listed above offer a better quality item. 
    You will be asked to replenish supplies during the school year as need arises for your child.