•  Yoakum Sports Medicine

    Athletic Trainer's:  Carrie Koliba-Frank L.A.T., EMT and Dylan Barton, A.T.C.
    Email Address: ckoliba@yoakumisd.net  and  dbarton@yoakumisd.net
    Phone Number: (361) 293-3036
    Fax Number:  (361) 293-7495

    At Yoakum ISD the 2018 – 2019 Sports Medicine Team consist of 2 staff athletic trainers, 1 team physician and 14 student athletic trainers.  The main athletic training room is located in the Field House next to the football and baseball fields.


    The mission of the Yoakum ISD Sports Medicine program is to provide quality health-care to the athletes of Yoakum Junior High and High School as well as laying a foundation of sports medicine education for student athletic trainers interested in a career in athletic training or other sports medicine fields.   


    The staff athletic trainer works closely with the team physician, other physicians in the community, coaches, and parents to ensure the health-care needs of injured student athletes are being met.

    Treatment & Rehab Hours


    The field house Athletic Training Room is open every school morning from 7:30 am to 8:00 am for all treatment and rehab sessions along with the student can come during their athletic period and after school.


    If an athlete has an injury that occurred during practice and/or game they must inform the coach immediately.  They will then be referred to the athletic trainer.  If the athlete's injury requires any treatment and/or rehab, then that athlete needs to report to the field house Athletic Training Room before school begins.


    There are several reasons for having injured athletes report before school:


    1.  Injuries can be assessed or re-assessed for severity and referred to a physician if needed.


    2. Pain and swelling symptoms can be treated to help comfort the injured athlete during morning classes.


    3. Coaches of the injured athlete's sport can be notified of the injured athlete's injury status before practice sessions begin.


    4. Injured athletes do not miss school days due to an injury.


    Athletes are asked to report all injuries to the athletic trainer so that their injury can be documented, treated, referred to a physician (if necessary), rehabbed, and reported to the coaches of that athlete.


    Athletes do not ask to become injured, but when injuries occur, it is up to the athlete (and parents) to make the efforts needed to treat and rehab the injuries.  


    Treatments and rehabs are to be conducted in the athletic training room by the staff athletic trainer to ensure proper techniques and safety of treatment sessions.  


    If athletes are inconsistent with reporting for treatment and/or rehab, then recovery will become a slow process.   


    Injury Procedures



    If you have an athlete that was injured while participating in athletics the athlete will be given an instructions on how to treat the injury at home.


    Use ice for the first 72 hours.  Ice for 15 minutes at a time and off for 2 hours.  Repeat 3 to 5 times a day.


    Heat can be used after the 72 hour period.  If heat is used in the first 72 hours, swelling and bleeding can increase which will cause more pain and longer recovery.


    Elevate an injured area above the level of the heart if possible.


    Use the crutches, ace wraps, splints given by the athletic trainers/doctor's office.


    If I feel that the injury needs immediate attention by a physician or Emergency Room, I will notify the parent/guardian immediately.


    If I feel that the injury can be treated and managed by the athletic trainer I will send instructions with the athlete on injury care at home along with instructions to return to the field house training room for early morning treatments.



    If you take your child to the physician, the athletic trainer needs a release written and signed by the physician that evaluated your child.  Notes from parents will not release a student back to activity.  This can only be done by the physician or physician’s office that placed the restrictions on the athlete and their injury.

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