• iStation is used at grades K - 2.

    Before you can use iStation on a computer or mobile device, you need to download the app. If it gives you a choice, use the default install.

    Once you have installed the app, you will need to enter your domain.
    Type Yoakum. Several choices will come up. Select Yoakum Primary School or Yoakum Intermediate School.

    If your app has the wrong domain because you previously used it at a different school, delete it and reinstall. On a computer, you will remove Imagination Station.

    If you have students at multiple schools who need to use iStation on the same device, please contact the teacher or the tech department via e-mail.

    Here's how to log in.

    Yoakum Primary and Primary Annex

    1. Open the app. The name on your computer will be Imagination Station.
    2. Make sure the domain is correct. (see above)
    3. Enter your username
    4. Type your password twice.