Help with Distance Learning

  • Students Usernames and Passwords

    • All YISD students have usernames and passwords. Your child should know this information as it is used frequently at school. If you need your child's credentials, please contact the teacher.
    • Some sites require us to modify the credentials. For example, the password may have to be typed twice or the username may need something added. This information will be noted in the links below.
    • Not all resources are used by all students.

    Many sites use your regular YISD credentials. These are the username and password that you use to log into a computer at school or into AR.
    Other sites use your Google credentials.

    Here's are some examples.

    David is a student in grades 3 - 8
    YISD Username: davidb
    YISD Password:  may46

    Google Username:
    Google Password: may46may46 (type password twice)

    High school students have a longer password, so they will use their YISD password for everything.