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    Study the first 4 quizlet sets. Begin with the set for test review 2.1.


    When studying the ir a + infinitive and ir a + infinitive (in the imperfect) contests, ask yourself the following:

    Is it something that is happening in the future or something that is happening in the past? Review the notes images attached on this page if you need to while you study.


    These concepts are formed by 3 words.

    1) A Conjugation of ir

    Ir a + infinitive uses an present tense of ir-to go (voy, vas, va, vamos, vais, van) in order to say something is happening in the future. Ir a + infinitive in the perfect uses an imperfect tense of ir-to go (iba, ibas, iba, íbamos, ibais, iban) in order to say something was going to happen in the past.


    2) a

    That conjugation is then followed by the preposition 'a' which means TO in spanish. 


    3) infinitive verb (-ar, -er,ir) 

    Because we already have a conjugated verb in this verb phrase and prepositions are always followed by infinitives, the last word of the concept must be an infinitive verb. 


    Ex: I am going to eat. becomes Voy a comer. and not Voy a como.

    We were going to run. becomes Íbamos a correr. and not Íbamos a corremos.

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  • Add this to your Notebook

    This will go behind all other notes. After writing these notes, then review the old Spanish 2 notes on ir a + infinitive.

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  • Review these old notes for ir a + infinitive

    This uses the present tense of ir to speak in the future (going to)

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