Dress code expectations for graduation were communicated to students in person on Septemer 17. They are in your senior bulletin.  Picture examples of appropriate and inappropriate graudation attire can be found by clicking on this link.  Shoe requirements for ladies can be found on this link.



    We want to thank the Yoakum community and surrounding area for your generous scholarship donations to the students of YHS.  Your continued dedication to helping our students achieve the next level of education is incredibly valued and respected by everyone on our campus. 

    If you have received any outside scholarships you would like to receive recognition for, that information must be reported to us. Please use this form to report any scholarships you have received, even if you believe we may already know about them. Also, you may use the form to report any institutional academic, club, or athletic scholarships you have received (for example: full ride academic scholarship to Texas State or baseball scholarship for tuition and books paid at TLU). Lastly, use this form to report any intended military enlistment so you can be recognized for your future service to your country.  Please email your completed form to Tara Henke (thenke@yoakumisd.net), or drop it by the counseling office to ensure your accomplishments get recognized.

    Scholarship Providers:
    Please continue to notify the counseling department of your recipients.  You can call and leave a message with the office staff or email Courtney Zinke (czinke@yoakumisd.net) or Tara Henke (thenke@yoakumisd.net) to report selections.  Please include the name of the scholarship, names of the students selected, amounts granted to each student, and your contact information so we may contact you if we have any questions.  

    If you wish for us to present the students with a check, letter, or other information, you may mail that information directly to the student, email it to us, or drop it at the high school office prior to May 14 to be included in their graduation packets.  Please clearly label the information with the student’s name so we know who to give it to.  We are happy to still print certificates for you if you request.  If you wish to contact a student directly, we can provide you with a phone number or mailing address if you would like.  We greatly appreciate your help with recognizing our students' accomplishments.