Job Vacancies

  • Jobs at Yoakum ISD

    • Bilingual Elementary Teacher
    • 6th Grade Math Teacher - Junior High
    • English Teacher - High School
    • Biology Teacher - High School
    • Criminal Justice/CTE/Coach - High School
    • Application Support Specialist

    Jobs at the DeWitt-Lavaca Special Education Co-Op

    • Director of Special Education


    For more information about the job postings for DLSEC, please visit or call 361-293-2854.

    Professional Application (pdf)

    Professional Application (doc)

    Paraprofessional Applications may be obtained at
    YISD Administration Office; 315 E. Gonzales St,; Yoakum, TX

    All applications may be sent by mail or faxed to

    Human Resources Department
    P.O. Box 737
    Yoakum, TX 77995
    FAX: (361) 293-6678