• Yoakum's Got Talent entrance form and information packet

    The Yoakum's Got talent Contest is held each year by the National Honor Society to raise money for Blue Santa. Last year the judges commented once again that the singers were good but they could not be heard over the singers on the CD. If you can bring a Karaoke track to sing to or be accompanied by live musicians you will score better. You can find most popular music in stores and on line for minimal cost. We have several microphones available, wired as well as wireless. You will need to rehearse on the stage at the rehearsal the night before. There will be no changes in music for dancers after that. All acts need to be seen at rehearsal. If you are a group bringing in your own instruments and amps we will need the number of mics that you need etcetera. Therefore, we will need the form below completed and returned to Mrs. Westergen or with the registration form to the office if you are an adult act, as soon as possible. This will give Mrs. Westergren time to order the program and line up the equipment needed. There will be a rehearsal starting at 4:00 pm on Thursday November 17th. If your group cannot rehearse at that time you will need to try and arrange a time to rehearse before the show on Friday. Every student in an act must have a parent permission form signed and returned or they will not be allowed to participate.
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