• At YHS we welcome all military personnel and are proud of our students who make the patriotic decision to join the military. So that we can properly accommodate our military recruiters while maximizing instructional time, we ask that all recruiters adhere to the following guidelines:

    Classroom Presentations:

    -please schedule at least 2 weeks in advance so that teachers have time to adjust their lesson plans

    -plan on spending around 45 minutes with the students

    -check in with the office before your presentation

    Individual Visits:

    -let Mrs. Henke in the counseling office know when you would like to meet with students as far in advance as possible. This will give her time to set up appointments with students you wish to see and make an announcement that a recruiter will be on campus so that other interested students can make plans to visit with you

    -check in with Mrs. Henke when you arrive

    -Mrs. Henke will ask the student if s/he wants to speak to you and will get permission from the teacher for the student to leave class

    -please understand that we will make every effort to accommodate these meetings, but if they are unscheduled, students may not always be able to leave class