Yoakum Independent School District



Dear Parent Guardian,

Yoakum ISD Athletics has recently partnered Rank One Sport to manage our athletic schedules. By entering our athletic schedules in Rank One Sport we will be able to consistently provide the most up to date schedules as well as provide you with updates to the schedules when changes are made.

Viewing Schedules

There are a couple ways to access all athletic schedules for Yoakum Athletics.

1) Visit Our District website at http://www.yoakumisd.net/page/48 and click the link “Rank One Sport”. This will take you to a menu where you can make the selections based on which schedule you are looking for.

2) Visit www.rankonesport.com and click on the “View Schedules” link. Type “Yoakum” in the school name field and the page will bring up all schedule options below. If a schedule is ready to be viewed, you will see a link View Schedule. As more schedules are made public, these links will appear for all sports.

Signing up for Schedule Updates

At the bottom of every schedule is a field where you can enter your email address. Click “Subscribe” and from that point forward if any details on the schedule change or if the results are updated, you will receive an email with the details.

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