• Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    Financial aid offices at colleges use information from the FAFSA to determine if students are eligible to receive federal student aid from grants, loans, and work-study programs.  States and schools also use the information from the FAFSA to determine if you qualify for additional aid.  Starting with the 2017-2018 FAFSA, the application should be completed every year a student is in college after October 1, beginning during a student's senior year of high school.  Parents must use their tax return information to complete the FAFSA, so filing taxes early while their students are in school is important.  If needing help completing the application, students should speak to a financial aid advisor at the college of their choice after they have been accepted.  The FAFSA can be found at https://fafsa.ed.gov, and the application should NEVER be paid for!  After all, the first F in FAFSA stands for FREE!!  Check out this link for a thorough Guide to the FAFSA.
    FastWeb is a free scholarship search engine.  It does the search work for students and pairs them with scholarship applications that match their own personalized profile.  Create a profile at www.fastweb.com.
    Scholarships.com is another free scholarship search engine.  One top of finding scholarships for students, it also helps them find colleges and helps colleges find students. Create a profile at www.scholarships.com.
    Scholarships for Minority Students
    The College Scholarships for Minority Students webpage is a wonderful resource for racial minorities, females, and students of the LGBT community.  A large listing of scholarships can be found by clicking here or here.

    Name of Scholarship                        How to Apply                           Deadline


    Catholic Life Insurance                          Application Available                March

       Student must be insured member               Catholic Life Scholarship
    HLSR Go Texan Scholarship                  Apply  Online                             February

          Open to all students                          http://www.rodeohouston.com


    Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC)  Apply Online              Feburary

    Lavaca County Farm Bureau                  Application available                   March
         Must have LCFB insurance                Lavaca County Farm Bureau Application
    Dewitt County Farm Bureau                   Application available                   May
         Must have DCFB insurance              DeWitt County Farm Bureau


    Cuero Young Farmers                             Application available                    February
                           CYF Guidelines                     CYF Application


    VC Independent Cattlemen’s Assoc.     Application available               

          Must be going into the Ag field       


    GBRA Scholarship                                     Application available                   March

          Open to all students in select counties      GBRA


    Yoakum VFD Scholarship                        Application available              

          Must be wanting to be a fireman or EMS     


    Vietnam Veteran’s of America #854      Application available              

          Must have family member be a Veteran of War   


    Texas Trial Lawyers Assoc Scholarship   Application available            

           Open to all students—requires essay   

    Southwest Engineers Inc.                          Applications available           

             Must be wanting to become a civil or environmental engineer



    VC Scholarships                                           Apply Online                           

             Open to all students going to Victoria College                                                   March



    Dewitt-Lavaca County A&M Mother’s      Applications available         

    Club/Janet Barre Memorial Scholarship   

             Open to students going to Texas A& M


    Yoakum A&M Club Scholarship                Applications available           

            Open to students going to Texas A& M  
    James Bader Scholarship                            Applications available                                    April
            Anyone going into Engineering, Public Admin, Chemistry, Geology, Biology, Bus. Management, Finance, Compt. Tech
                                                                     James Bader 
    Central DeWitt County Wildlife Management       Applications available         
                                                                               Central Dewitt Wildlife

    TxDOT Conditional Grant Program             Apply Online                          
         Career with TxDOT                                www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/careers/recruitment/conditional.html

    Gaslight Theatre                                     Applications Available                    
        3.0 GPA and 100 volunteer hours          Gaslight Theatre
    Al's Formal Wear                                       Apply online                                   May
          2015 Salute to Education Scholarship  
     Open to all students                          http://www.alsformalwear.com/Scholarships-apply.asp
    MCO Scholarship                                       Apply Online                   May           
                                                                        MCO Scholarship
    Artic Physical Therapy Scholarship        Apply Online                 August                              
                                                                        Artic Physical Therapy
    Vietnam Veterans of America-Dewitt Co.       Applications available          
          Open to all students                            Vietnam Veterans #1029
    South Texas Farm and Ranch Show              Applications available           April             
           support ag industry                              Academic Scholarship
    South Texas Farm and Ranch Show            Applications available             April
           must be going into ag field                  Opportunity Scholarship
    Texas Farm Bureau-Young Farmer & Rancher Scholarship Program          
            must be going into ag field                Young Farmer and Rancher
    Texas Farm Bureau Memorial/Honorary Scholarship and District Scholarship Program    
             must be going into ag field                    TFBMHS                       
     Wendy's High School Heisman                    apply online                        October
       award for students playing at least one sport        www.wendysheisman.com
    Prudential Spirit of Community                      apply online                     November
      must have completed community service              spirit.prudential.com/view/page/soc 
    Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award                  apply online                 November
      must have 3.5 GPA & 50 volunteer hours          studentscholarships.org/volunteer.php 
    AFSA National Scholarship Essay Contest          apply online                September
    Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship      apply online             June
        must major in animation                                   animationcareerreview.com 
    APHA  Get Ready Scholarship                             apply online                
    Horatio Alger Scholarship                                         apply online
         2.0 GPA with desire to contribute to society               horatioalger.org/scholarships/index.cfm 
    Scholarships for Moms                                            apply online              January
    Voice of Democracy VFW Scholarship                apply online               November
    Aspiring Pharmacy Technician Program                 apply online                   June
       pursue pharmacology related degree                     pharmacytechnicianreview.com 
    Young Entrepreneur Award                                       apply online                       December
       must operate own business                                     nfib.com/foundations/yef/ 
    AXA Achievement                                                     apply online                          December
    Washington Crossing Foundation                             apply online                    April
               seeking career in govt service                       gwcf.org/AppDownload.html 
    Irene Wischer Educational Foundation                     apply online                    March
         must be active in church                                       frostbank.com/Pages/wischer-scholarship.aspx 
    Texas Engineering Foundation                                  apply online                  January
        engineering major at accredited school                 tspe.org/?page=Scholarships 
    KFC Colonel's Scholars                                            apply online
     2.75 GPA and seeking Bachelor degree                  kfc.com/foundation 
    Ronald McDonald House Charities                          apply online                       January
    Wal-Mart Foundation Scholarships                         apply online                   
           employee or dependent of employee                 foundation.walmart.com 
    BBG Communications Scholarship                         apply online                       June
    1800Wheelchair Scholarship                                   apply online                          January
    ANS Incoming Freshmen Scholarship                    apply online                        April
      major in nuclear engineering                                 ans.org/honors/scholarships/ 
    Gates Millennium Scholars                                    apply online                          January
    Hispanic Scholarship Fund                                     apply online
    Texas Interscholastic League Foundation             apply online                             May
      competed at state UIL academic meet                 tilf.uiltexas.org/scholarships/apply/ 
    Texas Retired Teachers Foundation                      apply online                            March
     pursuing degree in education                                trtf.org/index.cfm/scholarships-grants
    Texas Lyceum Scholarship                                    apply online                             March
     John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest          apply online           January
    Texas State Frances Reuser Schneider Music Scholarship      audition dates in November-March
                                                    Audition Information
    Barbara Jordan and Latino History Essay Contests                       March
        open to grades 9-12      Essay Information
    Burger King Scholars Program                                                         December
     Texas Student Housing                                                                     January
       attend college in Austin, College Station, or Denton   www.texasstudenthousing.net
    Stephen F. Austin State University STEM                                        February
    STEM major at SFA with at least 600 SAT/26 ACT math     contact Vicki Shimer at 936-468-5197 or shimervm@sfasu.edu 
    Texas Farm Credit Marsha Martin Scholarship                              April 
        pursue agriculture related degree       Texas Farm Credit Packet
    UTSA Alumni Association Scholarship                                              February
           3.0 GPA, top 25%, and 900 SAT or 20 ACT      https://alumni.utsa.edu/undergraduate-scholarship 


    Buick Achievers                                                                                     February
          major in engineering, technology, design, with an interest in the automotive industry   www.buickachievers.com
    Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship                                          June
            must pursue a fashion degree                 http://www.fashion-schools.org/ 
    Form Swift                                                                                      February
    Aspiring Nurse Scholarship                                   June
     Kluck Foundation Scholarship                       May
                      Kluck Foundation 
    Masters in Accounting Scholarship Resources
    Local scholarships will be available after the first week in February.  To claim any local scholarships that you receive, please write a thank you note to the provider including your name, the school you are attending, and your student ID.  A list of local scholarship providers will be included in your diploma packet that you receive at graduation.